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JDownloader is the world's first Legal, Smart and fast download manager. JDownloader is a legal, smart and fast download manager. But it's much more than a download manager. JDownloader for PC has a simple, easy to use interface and all features are organized in one place. JDownloader includes a smart scheduler and JDownloader Media player. JDownloader is freeware, you can free download it.Best Posts Contact Form News Nurse Educator Training - June 12th June 12, 2018 Summer Internship Opportunities at KUA KUA is excited to be partnering with the National Association of Nurse Educators (NANEd) and the University of Kansas Institute of Health Care Education and Research (KU School of Nursing) to offer six weeks of on-the-job training for KUA students at the KU School of Nursing as a part of its Academic Pathways internships. The students will be placed in clinics throughout Kansas and are expected to be a part of the community. If you are a KUA student who is interested in this opportunity and would like more information, please contact:Q: Warped 2D vertex output of an OpenGL Triangle I have some OpenGL code that renders a triangle, then outputs the raw vertex locations: #version 330 core layout(triangles) in; layout(triangle_strip, max_vertices=3) out; uniform mat4 projection; uniform mat4 view; uniform mat4 model; void main(void) { gl_Position = projection * view * model * vec4(position, 1.0); gl_Position.z = -1.0; EmitVertex(); EndPrimitive(); } This outputs: float vertex_x = -7.859642801209E+01f; float vertex_y = 1.63412633049E+00f; float vertex_z = 2.3527351338E+00f; When viewed in a fragment shader, this generates a slightly warped triangle: uniform sampler2D u_Texture; varying vec2 v_TexCo




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