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Sipping, not sinking Part of the casino experience is enjoying the festive atmosphere, bright lights, and free drinks. But enjoying and exceeding are two different events, and the quickest way to short-circuit your budget is to overindulge at the bar. Overindulging is tempting, of course, with cocktail servers adeptly appearing just when the game gets tense, graciously slipping a fresh cold drink next to your elbow. As you sweat a little more, the next drink goes down more quickly. And before you know it, you’ve lost count of how many drinks you’ve had, not to mention how much money you’ve lost. Monitor your drinking as closely as you manage your budget

If your game of choice requires strategy, then you play better with a clear head. And even if the game doesn’t require player expertise, you’re still better off without the excessive alcohol muddying your thoughts or encouraging you to go for broke when you’re in the hole. Recognizing a gambling addiction Exceeding your established gambling budget by a few hundred dollars on a trip to Vegas or your nearby riverboat casino is one matter. Getting yourself tens of thousands of dollars in debt over the course of time is another matter entirely; this sort of trouble is a serious gambling problem. Gambling addic- tion is a complex problem far beyond the scope of this book, not to mention this chapter.

But I’d be irresponsible not to address it in a chapter about man- aging your gambling money. Gambling debts almost ruined Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Jefferson and have devastated many families. Whether you’re a beginning gambler, an occa- sional gambler, or a regular bettor, you need to know the signs of gambling addiction. A few signs include I Trying to escape other problems in your life by gambling I Lying to others about the frequency or amount of your gambling I Falling behind on basic payments, such as rent or other bills, in order to feed your gambling habit I Asking to borrow money from friends and family to cover your gambling debts



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